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From Marcel Stor <>
Subject Logging questions
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 14:52:33 GMT

I've just switched from TC4 to 5.0.18. I'm still in the process of
picking up all the features.
ext descriptors

explains the new context descriptors. I still don't quite get it. It
says "...which would normally be found in the main server configuration
file...". Well, does this mean I can (have to?) remove all my context
descriptions from server.xml and place them into individual files? Or do
I need both? Or??

What really concerns me:
Each of my contexts has a FileLogger and a AccessLogValve defined.
Hoever, at startup only the valve log is created. With TC4 each
context's "regular" log was created and contained entries saying that
the context had successfully been loaded etc. Why is the log not created
Also, one app uses the standard Java logging framework. All the log
entries end up in catalina.out instead of the app's own context log. How
to resolve this?


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