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From "Guy Rouillier" <>
Subject RE: maxProcessors vs maxThreads
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 22:23:05 GMT
Apu Shah wrote:
> thanks yoav.
> this begs another question... under what circumstances would
> one choose to use the ajp connector? i am assuming it's
> probably a more compact and efficient protocol compared to
> http (not sure about that).
> in any case, if one never needs to access tomcat directly
> from a browser (tomcat is always hidden behind apache on an
> internal network not accessible from the outside) what
> parameters should i use to judge whether to use http or ajp
> connectors? 
> it seems like http is better (due to the fact that you can
> customize settings like maxThreads) but i was always under
> the impression that ajp should be preferred over http (i
> guess i was wrong)....
> any thoughts on this?

AJP and HTTP serve different purposes.  AJP is used for Apache to talk
to Tomcat.  They could use HTTP, I suppose, but AJP is a more efficient
protocol.  You cannot use directly from your browser to Tomcat using AJP
- browsers don't support that protocol.  Apache has a module (the
mod_jk.dll or the equivalent on Unix) that enables it to communicate
using that protocol.

You can indeed communicate with Tomcat directly from your browser.  If
you have it enabled, you can use port 8080 (default value, you can
change), so a URL might look like http://yourserver:8080/yourpage.jsp.
If you want, you can even cut Apache out completely, and tell Tomcat to
handle port 80.  Not advisable, though, as Apache has had thousands of
hours invested to make it efficient at delivering static content.

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