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From Tom Cherry <>
Subject Re: How do I build
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 13:53:17 GMT
My system came with apache installed, so I don't think I have an apache 
directory, but I do have /etc/httpd/lib which points to /usr/lib. This 
directory does not have the files you indicated.

Why would anyone have static libraries if they are so limiting?  What 
advantage do they have, Faster loads?  If I don't have these lib files, 
is my only option to remove apache and recompile it?

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On Jan 29, 2004, at 8:32 AM, OUTTERS Guillaume wrote:

> Thomas Cherry wrote:
>> but this script does exist.  I know it exists, because I had to fix 
>> it (was pointing to a bad path).
> Do all the intermediate links have "executable" bit set (the 
> "configure" script tests it)?
> > Why do I care if the lib is static or not?  Recompiling Apache 
> sounds > like a lot of work just because I want to compile mod_jk.
> mod_jk2 has to link with Apache libraries to be able to access its 
> internals. If the only libs it finds are static (in fact, if just one 
> of all libs is), it cannot create a dynamic lib, only a static one. 
> But an Apache module has to be a dynamic library. So if you don't have 
> $HTTPD_DIR/lib/ and $HTTPD_DIR/lib/, only 
> the static ones, the compilation won't give the expected result.
> If, after compiling mod_jk2, you find a mod_jk2.a but no, 
> that's certainly what happened.
> -- 
> Guillaume Outters
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