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From "Allistair Crossley" <>
Subject RE: ISAPI redirector use with IIS5
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 12:30:38 GMT
Mine is slightly different because

http://server:8080/ is the tomcat port and works
http://server/ goes to IIS first and does not. 

What you posted says that his IIS work if he uses

Which seems odd to me as you need the host on there. 

I guess I will have to post to the :8080 version of the URL for this action and then redirect
back to the non-:8080 URL after.

Do the JK2 boys not fix this stuff?

Allistair Crossley

Intranet Senior Developer
New Media Group, QAS Ltd
Telephone: 020 7819 5343

-----Original Message-----
Sent: 16 January 2004 12:27
Subject: ISAPI redirector use with IIS5

The following does NOT generate an error when posting to Apache

    POST http://host:80/OTR/AS2/oq-2/or-MDN_HTTP/phdr/nowait HTTP/1.0

However, it generates an error when posting to IIS 5

    HTTP/1.1 405 Method not allowed

If I change the URL I do NOT get the error:

    POST /OTR/AS2/oq-2/or-MDN_HTTP/phdr/nowait HTTP/1.0

i.e.  Ripping the "http://host:80" off the URL solves the problem.

Can someone explain why?

Tomcat Version: 4.1.24

I posted this before to microsoft.public.inetserver.iis

The only response I got from a Microsoft person was:

"Ah, you're talking about an ISAPI Filter and ISAPI Extension (in the form
Tocmat) that is mutating the URL internally.  So, I will not be able to
exactly explain why you get 405 in your situation.  Tomcat will be mutating
the URL internally, and I do not know what URL it is using -- next to
telling you that a POST to a default document, even if considered dynamic,
will result in a 405 and is probably at the bottom of your question"


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