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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: Can not include javascript using TC 4.1.29
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 05:49:14 GMT
This is simply a matter of your context path being "/" or being something 
like "/mycontext".  With the former, as long as you aren't one or more 
directories deep into your webapp, then using "script/utility.js" and 
"/script/utility.js" are completely equivalent.  However, if you are a 
couple directories deep then the first one will be invalid and if you are 
using the "/mycontext" path, then the second one will be invalid.  The 
solution is to either always use relative paths and account for directory 
levels or always use paths based off the root of the web, but make sure to 
prefix the servlet context path such as...

this.getContextPath() + "/script/utility.js"

Dynamically adding the context path this way guarantees that no matter what 
context path your webapp is deployed in, the path to your file will always 
be valid.



At 07:39 PM 12/29/2003 +0800, you wrote:
>I am developing a web app using win2k pro + Tomcat
>In a servlet , the following code works ( file /script/utility.js can be 
>get by IE)
>         sb.append ("<html>\n");
>         sb.append ("<head>\n");
>         sb.append ( getContentTypeMeta(_req) );
>         sb.append ("<script language=javascript1.2 
> src=\"/script/utility.js\"></script>\n");
>but when the preceding slash is deleted,  IE can not get the js file:
>         sb.append ("<html>\n");
>         sb.append ("<head>\n");
>         sb.append ( getContentTypeMeta(_req) );
>         sb.append ("<script language=javascript1.2 
> src=\"script/utility.js\"></script>\n");
>^ no / here
>BTW, both are OK under TC 4.0.1.
>Because  the web app will be deployed in another servlet container which only
>recognize the first format ,  I want to using the  format  with preceding 
>"/ " , how should I do ?
>( better not to use 4.0.1 :)

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