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From "Apu Shah" <>
Subject RE: maxProcessors vs maxThreads
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 21:47:00 GMT

thanks yoav.

this begs another question... under what circumstances would one choose to
use the ajp connector? i am assuming it's probably a more compact and
efficient protocol compared to http (not sure about that).

in any case, if one never needs to access tomcat directly from a browser
(tomcat is always hidden behind apache on an internal network not
accessible from the outside) what parameters should i use to judge whether
to use http or ajp connectors?

it seems like http is better (due to the fact that you can customize
settings like maxThreads) but i was always under the impression that ajp
should be preferred over http (i guess i was wrong)....

any thoughts on this?

> Howdy,
>>thanks yoav, i noticed that but then does that mean that there is no
>>method to specify max threads/processors for the coyote ajp connector?
>>that sounds a bit strange....
> If it's not documented, then there's no configurable way to do it.  Of
> course, you can always subclass/extend a connector just like any other
> tomcat element to add the behavior you want.
>>how does tomcat behave with the ajp connector? does it indefinitely
> spawn
>>threads to handle requests until it bombs out of memory? or is there
>>behaviour as specified by the acceptcount/max processors for the http
>>connector buried in the code of the ajp connector that can't be
> modified?
> I don't use the AJP connector, so I can't answer that one, but the code
> is open for you to inspect at your leisure...
> Yoav Shapira
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