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From "Apu Shah" <>
Subject maxProcessors vs maxThreads
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 20:45:06 GMT

there seems to be some confusion about whether to use maxThreads or
maxProcessors and the effect on tomcat. futher it is not clear from the
docs which one to use and whether they have an effect on the protocol used
by the connector.

could someone please clarify this...

using tomcat 5.0.16:

the JK2 AJP connector
( docs
doesn't list any directive like maxProcessors or maxThreads. the HTTP
connector does
( list a
maxThreads directive.

1. is maxProcessors deprecated?

2. does maxProcessors and/or maxThreads apply to the AJP connector?

3. if i do set maxProcessors/maxThreads does the total number of
maxThreads/maxProcessors across all tomcat instances in a load balanced
setup need to equal/less than/greater than the apache serverlimit?
- 2 apache servers with serverlimit 1024 each => total server limit = 2048
- 4 tomcat instances.
- should maxProcessors be set to 2048/4 = 512 or less than/greater than that?

4. similiar questions as 1&2 for maxSpareThreads/maxIdleProcessors and

5. does acceptCount work for both HTTP and AJP connectors?

thanks in advance for clarifications. here is the ajp connector element in
my server.xml

    <!-- Define a Coyote/JK2 AJP 1.3 Connector on port 8009 -->
    <Connector address="" port="8009" redirectPort="8443"
               debug="0" enableLookups="false"
               protocol="AJP/1.3" />

do i set maxThreads, maxSpareThreads, minSpareThreads, acceptCount or
maxProcessors, maxIdleProcessors, minIdleProcessors, acceptCount?


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