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From "OUTTERS Guillaume" <>
Subject Re: How do I build
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 13:32:39 GMT
Thomas Cherry wrote:

> but this script does exist.  I know it exists, because I had to fix it 
> (was pointing to a bad path).

Do all the intermediate links have "executable" bit set (the "configure" 
script tests it)?

 > Why do I care if the lib is static or not?  Recompiling Apache sounds 
 > like a lot of work just because I want to compile mod_jk.

mod_jk2 has to link with Apache libraries to be able to access its 
internals. If the only libs it finds are static (in fact, if just one of 
all libs is), it cannot create a dynamic lib, only a static one. But an 
Apache module has to be a dynamic library. So if you don't have 
$HTTPD_DIR/lib/ and $HTTPD_DIR/lib/, only the 
static ones, the compilation won't give the expected result.

If, after compiling mod_jk2, you find a mod_jk2.a but no, 
that's certainly what happened.

Guillaume Outters

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