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From "OUTTERS Guillaume" <>
Subject Re: Error configuring JK2
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 08:31:16 GMT
Ralf Schneider wrote:

 > configure: error: Invalid location for apxs: 

Looking at the configure file, it could be that your apxs is not 
executable (copied by FTP?).

If you manage to get over this problem, I had two other ones on Solaris 
9. The first seems to be a system-dependant problem (default shell), 
there are two "if ! ${TEST}" in which I replaced by "if 
${TEST} !". The second one is an inconsistance between jk_ws.m4 (macros 
for generating the "configure") and its uses: JK_WS_INCDIR needs three 
parameters, but uses only two, and the callers pass it two too.

I had to automate the building process, which gives:

cd /tmp

cat > jkwsincdir.lex << TERMINE

int g_niveau;


\[JK_WS_INCDIR\] { fwrite(yytext, 1, yyleng, yyout); g_niveau = 0; 
<DEDANS>\[ { fwrite(yytext, 1, yyleng, yyout); ++g_niveau; }
<DEDANS>\] { fwrite(yytext, 1, yyleng, yyout); if(!--g_niveau) BEGIN(0); }
<DEDANS>\$3 { fprintf(yyout, "\$2"); }


int yywrap() { return 1; }
int main(int argc, char ** argv) { yylex(); return 0; }
flex jkwsincdir.lex && gcc -o jkwsincdir lex.yy.c

gnutar xzf /opt/install/jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-src-current.tar.gz
cd jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-2.0.2-src/jk/native2

/tmp/jkwsincdir < ../../jk/support/jk_ws.m4 > /tmp/jk_ws.m4 &&
mv /tmp/jk_ws.m4 ../../jk/support/jk_ws.m4

sed -e 's/if ! ${TEST}/if ${TEST} !/' < > /tmp/ 
&& mv /tmp/

# I needed target=NONE to force a configure sub-script to take the
# platform detected by configure. I suppose you want to modify the
# tomcat41 directive in a tomcat5 one.
./configure --with-apache2-include="$HTTPD_DIR/include" 
--with-apache2-lib="$HTTPD_DIR/lib" --with-apxs2="$HTTPD_DIR/bin/apxs" 
--with-tomcat41="$TOMCAT_DIR" --target=NONE --with-jni

Guillaume Outters

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