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From Vitor Buitoni <>
Subject Tomcat 5 with JSVC
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2004 13:01:44 GMT

I would like to know what's the advantage of running Tomcat 5 as a 
deamon with jsvc.
Currently i start tomcat with the default startup script, by putting it 
in the inittab with the respawn option, so when somebody stops tomcat or 
tomcat crashes, tomcat is started again.

Acting this way, tomcat "seems" to run like a deamon, but i know that 
actually it's not. Running it with jsvc would make it run really like a 

In this case, what is the advantage of running tomcat using jsvc (as a 
deamon) instead of running it with the default startup script (non-deamon)?

best regards,



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