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From Lorrin Nelson <>
Subject Re: accessing files external to webapp
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2004 01:57:24 GMT
Hi again -- I'm still stumped by this problem and looking for help. But 
I did (duh) edit my Tomcat startup script to not use the -security 
option, so now at least I know that whatever's giving me headaches has 
nothing to do with the Security Manager.

So to summarize -- what do I need to do to access files outside of my 
webapp besides take care of the security manager and Unix file 
permissions? (I thought that was it!) And should I use a mechanism other 
than getClassLoader().getResource(path) to do so?



Lorrin Nelson wrote:
> Hi - I have what I think is a security permission problem, but I'm not 
> sure.
> I'm migrating an existing webapp from SuSE/Tomcat 4.0 to Debian/Tomcat 
> 4.1. The SuSE box didn't have a security manager, the Debian one does.
> In one of the business logic classes, I need to determine if a file 
> external to the webapp exists or not. The check (in a class named 
> is
>     if (PickManager.class.getClassLoader().getResource(path) == null)
> Using that technique, I can determine if files exist up to the webapps' 
> context path, but no futher. Since it worked fine on the SuSE box, I'm 
> assuming it's a permission problem. However, in an act of desperation I 
> went so far as to add
>   permission;
> to my grant block for all webapps in 
> /etc/tomcat4/policy.d/04webapps.policy, but still no luck.
> The file in question is world-readable, so I don't think its a unix file 
> permission problem clouding the picture.
> Anyone have an what might be going on? Is there a diff't technique I 
> should use to check for a files' existence?
> Thanks!
> -Lorrin
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