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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Apache .htaccess vs. realms in tomcat
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 11:57:37 GMT
To use .htaccess just make sure there is a physical directory for the mapping 
for the servlet. (Even though tomcat won't use it)

For example lets say tomcat handles all the requests for /cowbell such that 
tomcat also gets the request for:

So you could create a directory called /cowbell/is/the and place an .htaccess 
file there so you can secure the prescription using the appropriate require 

(I think)


Alexander Jay Storman wrote:

> Is there anyway to secure a servlet via .htaccess in apache2 using jk2 
> with tomcat5 or do I have to use realms.
> Ideally, I would setup access via directory access using a .htaccess 
> file, but all the documentation I have read seems to point to me needing 
> to use realms and not using .htacess files.
> Is this the case?
> If it is possible to use .htaccess, does a HOWTO exist?
> Thanks.

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