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From Timothy Stone <>
Subject Re: Connecting Tomcat to Apache
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 13:10:59 GMT
Yiannis Mavroukakis wrote:

> Install the pcre (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)libs..either via rpm
> *retch*
> or download and build the source from
> sourceforge(
> Yiannis

PCRE should build out of the box in Red Hat 8+. It did on Mac OS X.

For Mac OS X, it was as simple as:

$./configure --enable-utf8
$make install

NB: I enabled utf8 for my use, it may not be appropriate for your 
environment, but I'm using a webapp with very specific support for UTF-8.

$ locate pcre

will list all of the possible matches for pcre, including the libpcre 
and libpcreposix libraries that the configure will look for.

$ man pcretest  AND
$ pcretest

are also helpful the former providing detailed information about its use 
(not relevant to this topic, but nice to know) and the latter will 
output the version installed (my RH8 box has v3.9, the current version 
is v4.4 | v4.5, the pcre website is not united on this) then drop you 
into a regex interface. ^C will exit.

That said make sure that both libpcre and libpcreposix are available as 
the configure is going create Makefiles with the flags -lpcre and 

Hope This Helps,

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