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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: [OT] 5.0.18
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 17:25:02 GMT
Its called alpha since it was tagged and not voted on. But if you look in the 
tomcat-dev archives, there was a recent vote as to the qaulity of 5.0.18 and 
the vote so far seems to be stable. So enough committers have voted to say 
5.0.18 is stable to say its "stable". But no lines of code changed, some 
people just voted and said - "Sure - I think its stable" Unless something has 
been caught recently, Remy will probably send an announcement in the next few 


Apu Shah wrote:

> sorry for this off-topic question, it's meant for any tomcat developers
> reading this list....
> currently, there is a tagged version of 5.0.18alpha. this has the fix
> for RequestGroup/RequestGroupInfo memory leaks and some additional
> clustering functionality (thanks filip!) this is primarily the reason i
> upgraded.
> i want to push this out to production but my co-workers feel that it's
> "alpha software" and by definition buggy, unstable and not optimized.
> i've shown them the benchmarks run against 5.0.18alpha and they all seem
> fine but they are not convinced due to the "alpha" tag on the release.
> my question is, when will 5.0.18 be tagged and released as final? is
> there a fixed date for release or is it just based on popular consensus?

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