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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Measuring latency between tomcat instances
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 13:25:54 GMT
LOG4j might be nice kludge for this. On tomcat A, time the appropriate events 
  on how long it takes to do stuff on tomcat B.  Then log it in a specially 
formatted message. (mylogger.log("time: " + timeTaken) Then do the same on 
tomcat B. Its easier to do on tomcatB since you can use a Valve or servlet 
filter and stay out of the business logic.

I say LOG4J since it provides asynchronous loggers (Unless the performance on 
the non-asynchronous loggers are neglible in this case). But with LOG4j (or 
insert logging framework here) - you can use it to write to any log file or 
format you want. So your normal error messages can go to one file while these 
special messages can go to a differnet file/database/...


Or you can compare acces log entries since it does offer a %T option for time 


Jeremy Nix wrote:

> We have an instance where tomcat instance (A) is communicating with
> tomcat instance (B), where instance (B) is located at another site.
> Instance (A) formulates a request to instance (B) and instance (B)
> responds with some valid response.  Now, my question is, from a
> standpoint of instance (B), is it possible to measure latency?  If so,
> how?

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