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From Jon Wingfield <>
Subject Re: SV: request.getRemoteUser() is NULL
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 11:47:51 GMT
In IE:
Tools>Internet Options...>Privacy Tab
Play with setting slider.
On my dev machine mine's set to Medium and TC's cookies are accepted fine.

In Mozilla:
Edit>Preferences...Privacy & Security category>
Tools>Cookie Manager


Søren Blidorf wrote:

> That did the trick. Thanks a lot.
> Is there a setting on my laptop I can change, so that I do not have to
> change all the links?
> BR
> Soren
> -----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
> Fra: Jon Wingfield [] 
> Sendt: 20. januar 2004 11:42
> Til: Tomcat Users List
> Emne: Re: request.getRemoteUser() is NULL
> If FORM authentication only works after encoding the url then the 
> browser is probably rejecting the cookie (JSessionId) that is normally 
> used to maintain a session.
> If this is the case then every link should also be encoded.
> Actually, this is good practise anyway (encodeURL does nothing if 
> cookies ARE being used to maintain state).
> If tomcat can't use cookies and the url isn't encoded there is no way 
> for session info to be retained between requests and a new 
> (unauthenticated) session is started. This seems to be what you see when
> you hit test2.jsp.
> HTH,
> Jon
> Søren Blidorf wrote:
>>I have made a new installation of Tomcat 4.1.29 on my new DELL laptop
>>I have copied the project to the new laptop and try set it up to work
> as
>>on my 
>>work machine.
>>I am not able to get the login to work. I am using the
>><security-constraint> in 
>>my web.xml.
>>At first I could not get the FORM login to work only BASIC. Then I
>>changed the 
>>FORM action to <%= response.encodeURL("j_security_check") %>, and I
> was
>>use FORM login.
>>The next problem is that the auth is only accepted for the page that
>>the FORM page. For example <url-pattern>/public/*</url-pattern>
> contains
>>test.jsp and test2.jsp and when I link to test.jsp the FORM page is
>>When succesfully logged in the request.getRemoteUser() is correct. But
>>when I 
>>then link from there to test2.jsp the request.getRemoteUser() is NULL
>>and the 
>>FORM page is called again.
>>If you have any ideas that will get me in the right direction, please
>>let me know.

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