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From Matt Preston <>
Subject Pushlets and HTTP connectors
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 17:10:35 GMT

I have been doing some work with making pushlet 
( applications deployed in Tomcat.  The basic 
idea of pushlets is to keep open a persistent http connection to allow 
real-time ui updates, see the link for more details.

I'm having some reliability problems in IE though.  If I load a page 
which contains a persistent connection + many images, IE will 
intermittently deadlock, resulting in me having to kill the process via 
the task manager.  The problem seems to stem from the fact that the HTTP 
1.1 spec says that you can only have a maximum of 2 connection to a 
single HTTP server.  

I managed to circumvent the problem by creating 2 HTTP 1.1 connectors 
(on 2 different ports), using 1 for the persistent connection and the 
other for everything else.  Everything worked fine in this situation.  
It looks like IE has some issues with trying to load multiple images 
with a single HTTP connection.  The same problem doesn't exist with 
Mozilla BTW...

Unfortunately for me it is unacceptable for this application to run with 
2 open ports, it has to run through a single port (it's out of my 
control).  I tried running Tomcat with a single HTTP 1.0 connector (IE 
will use 4 simultaneous connections for HTTP 1.0), which worked great.  
However using HTTP 1.0 caused many of my large html forms to break (the 
browser just shows a blank page).

What I really need is an HTTP 1.1 connector which will fall back to HTTP 
1.0 for certain urls.  I have looked at the connector source code, but 
it seems to be quite complicated.  Has anyone else ever tried to do 
this?  Would it be possible to make such a connector?

Matt Preston

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