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From "OUTTERS Guillaume" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 08:54:25 GMT
Haddad, Bayan M wrote:

> I would like to learn more about Tomcat for Unix Solaris. Where can I
> find information on it, documentation, download the software,
> installation procedure, Tomcat V.S Jrun ?. Who support it?.

I installed one on a Solaris 9. Installing Tomcat was no problem 
(download the zip "binary" release (jar files and shell scripts), 
uncompress it, use the "" shell script, it works), but I had 
trouble making it work with Apache and mod_jk2 (which makes the link 
between both).

Using a gcc3 development environment, I finally found I had to configure 
Apache with explicit shared object output ("./configure [...] 
--enable-so --enable-rule=SHARED_CORE --enable-static=no 
--enable-shared=yes" did the trick, pick the ones you want. I chose all 
of them, just in case). If I didn't, I had no '' and 
'' in Apache-generated lib directory; then, when running 
mod_jk2's 'configure', which needs libapr, it couldn't find those and so 
decided not to compile to a shared object (which is required to add it 
to Apache as a module).

Guillaume Outters

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