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From "Olve S. Hansen" <>
Subject Re: [OT] Apache and Tomcat together
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 10:51:31 GMT
 14.01.2004 09:55 :

>Many-to-many configuration!
>Graham Reeds wrote:
>>Something that has puzzled me for a few weeks now, and that is why use
>>Tomcat and Apache together?  Tomcat serves up HTML pages as well JSP so
>>where is the benefit in running both?  Even if Apache was faster at serving
>>regular html pages than Tomcat surely the milliseconds gained would be eaten
>>away by the latency of the connection speed?
Actually there are cases were it is more secure running only tomcat.

By configuring a Realm, you can make the static html-pages served by 
tomcat be accessed by only users who have logged in through a webapp 
cofigured to use the same realm. Using apache (httpd) and Tomcat 
together, through jk2, doesn't enable this, afaik.

Also; instead of having three points of failure (httpd, mod_jk2 and 
tomcat), the tomcat only scheme gives you only one (plus your own apps 
of course).

It also lessens the threshold in getting things running on linux, as I 
have seen a fair amount of trouble compiling/configuring mod_jk2 on that 

We switched to using only tomcat. An apache benchmark (using ab.exe) 
showed only minor differences in access time.

I guess Tomcat will use more memory than Apache httpd.
Other disadvantages?

Olve S. Hansen
Intermedia (
Tlf: 55 58 83 96

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