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From Nikola Milutinovic <>
Subject Re: [OT] Apache and Tomcat together
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 10:42:00 GMT wrote:
> Security!
> Many-to-many configuration!
> Graham Reeds wrote:
>>Something that has puzzled me for a few weeks now, and that is why use
>>Tomcat and Apache together? Tomcat serves up HTML pages as well JSP so
>>where is the benefit in running both? Even if Apache was faster at serving
>>regular html pages than Tomcat surely the milliseconds gained would be eaten
>>away by the latency of the connection speed?

Apache is faster for static content. Apache is much more configurable in URL 
mangling, dynamic alteration of static content, additional modules. Tomcat is an 
excellent Servlet/JSP container. Why not mix them? Let each do what it's best at.

You can setup one Apache or a cluster of Apache web servers as a front-end Web 
service, while your Tomcat(s) sit behind the "static web layer", provided by 
Apache. It is much nicer to access your web application through a seamless URL, 
like "", then 

"achana" mentioned security. Well, Apache has more HTTP Authentication modules 
than Tomcat does (although JDBC realm can go against any DB). We dons't have 
Kerberos HTTP Auth (SPNEGO authentication method), which comes in handy with the 
deployment of Microsoft's Active Directory.


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