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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: server-status in tomcat
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 14:08:55 GMT
In tomcat 4 - there is not much else.  In tomcat5 - (IIRC) the status servlet 
has more information. If you want even more information - the JMXProxy 
servlet will tell you anything you need to know about the internals of Tomcat.


Olve S. Hansen wrote:

>> Olve S. Hansen wrote:
>>> I have searched around for a component similar to the server-status 
>>> mod in Apache httpd, but cannot find anything similar. Does anyone 
>>> know if such a component exists?
>>> I have just ditched the httpd with forwarding to tomcat via mod_jk2, 
>>> as we experienced some weird behaviour with apache 2.0.47. In high 
>>> load situations it took very long time for it to serve static binary 
>>> files. Tomcat proved much better, but I miss the server-status module.
>> 12.01.2004 13:36 :
>> The manager app will give you status info.
>> -Tim 
> I am aware of that. But it doesn't give me the kind of status info as 
> the server-status info given by httpd.
> This I can get a quick view of the server load, as well as what is being 
> accessed...
> My question was if someone knows about a similar application of module 
> for tomcat. I would really appreciate it.

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