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From James Neville <>
Subject Re: Connection Pooling
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 16:50:52 GMT

That would all depend on the pooling implementation you're using.
Commonly, its or pool.freeConnection(conn).
Remember *not* to close the connection if you're using connection 
pooling, as this should be handled by the pool itself.

That said.... one of my colleagues mentioned one pooling implementation 
he used that
returned a custom connection  object when obtained from the pool (ie not 
a java.sql Connection object).
The close() method on that connection returned it to the pool, but 
*didn't* actually close it.

If you let us know which pooling implementation you're using, it may 
make things clearer ;)



Hart, Justin wrote:

>Is there some manner in which a database connection should be returned
>to the connection pool, or is that automatic?

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