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From Nikola Milutinovic <>
Subject Re: Threaded servlets okay in a compliant container?
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 13:10:00 GMT
Ralph Einfeldt wrote:

> The servlet has access to all information inside the container/context 
> that may be needed to do the job. For an external job this can be much 
> harder. (Iterate over all sessions to do something with them, access
> attributes with application scope, access attributes from server.xml/ 
> web.xml) It's also easier to protect resources from concurrent 
> access (to synchronize them if nessesary).

Aha, I get it - local Tomcat clean-up. Hmm, OK, I guess it makes sense.

> The actions are triggered locally, the access to the servlet is 
> restricted to local hosts.

If the server is a sealed one, with only minimal number of user accounts you 
should be pretty safe. Although you could implement a simple user/pass 
authentication, "wget" supports it. Just to make sure that only authorized user 
account can fire a request from the localhost.


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