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From "Richard S. Huntrods" <>
Subject RE: Have some questions, also possible contract work up for grabs
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2004 02:43:36 GMT

>Hi everyone,
>I had some questions regarding Tomcat.  Is Tomcat able to handle a steady 
>stream of about 200 years efficiently without crashing, being unreliable, 
>etc.. ? I personally don't know the limitations of it as I am fairly new to 
Assuming your application is written and tested, yes. I'm running a 
servlet/tomcat/mysql application that currently has 3000 users. The real 
question is not "how many users" but "how many concurrent users". My app 
has never seen more than 50 simulataneous users, and works fine on a Sun 
SPARC E-250.

>What would an ideal server be to handle that type of userbase?  Right now it's 
>running on a 1ghz celeron with I believe 512mb of ram running linux.
Again, simultaneous users/sessions is the key. I'm looking at upgrading 
to a 2-4 CPU machine, possibly Intel architecture as we ramp up to 20000 
users in the next year. No OS has been chosen yet (probably a unix flavor).

>Do any hosting companies offer reasonably priced colocation or flexible 
>accounts with tomcat, php, and mysql installed?  The IT company I work for has 
>developed a great piece of software using JSP and Java technology but we need 
>to get it onto a good box for production use.
Waste of money and time. As someone else said - build your own and 
co-locate if necessary. Even if you did manage to get someone able to 
install/support tomcat and mysql, you'd probably pay through the nose 
for actual support (i.e. when something goes down). Far better to be in 
total control. PC's are not expensive, and a good OS 
(unix/linux/solaris) is not expensive. Co-locate? probably expensive, 
but still cheaper than what you would pay for REAL hosting (i.e. that 
worked when things broke). Cost of building your own and KNOWING what's 
going on... priceless.

>Does anyone here offer services such as using SSH to install Tomcat remotely?  
>We would be willing to pay for someone to install Tomcat in a short timeframe. 
I doubt it. Most ISP's cannot even support PHP or perl, let alone 

>The ideal person would be someone that knows Tomcat installation quite well.  
>We have installed it on a couple boxes,  but usually by a lot of trial and 
>error.  We would like to get it up and running properly very quickly.
Sorry to say this, but spend time with the docs and spend time doing the 
builds yourself.

>If anyone is interested, please send me an email and I can send you the 
>details.  I apologize in advance if this is not the place for an email like 
>this.  I figured this was probably one of the best places for an experienced 
>Tomcat userbase.
As long as you don't want to integrate Apache and Tomcat, you can email 
me. I will not put both on the same machine, after finding that the web 
server was killing tomcat performance (due to the number of web hits). I 
split Apache off to it's own server, and used a simple firewall 
(appliance) to forward port 80 requests to one machine, with port 443 
(SSL) to the tomcat server. Secure application access, no hit from the 
web server.

>Thank you all very much for your time,




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