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From Merrill Cornish <>
Subject Re: How is catch{} code handled
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 19:59:34 GMT

>Unfortunately, your logic is flawed.
Yes, that's very clear at this point.  :-)

I understand that the sendRedirect() does NOT terminate the execution 
flow that it is in.  That's why I follow each one with a return. 
However, I think I now recognize my problem.

In my mind, I've always associated a catch{} with an exception and 
nothing "escapes" from the exception.  And that's true, assuming you did 
NOT do what I did and disolve the exception into a simple message that 
displayed as text on a JSP page.  As I now see, in THAT case, the 
catch{} DOES return, thereby allowing multiple sendRedirect()s to occurs.

Thank you for setting my thinking straight.


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