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From Merrill Cornish <>
Subject Re: Sudden IllegalStateException
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 17:23:45 GMT

Yes, I can post the code, but now I'm not sure that will help.

Yesterday I tried my old standby debugging technique of commenting out 
virtually all of the code in the servlet.  It worked.  I then started 
uncommenting portions until it stopped working.  For a while, I thought 
I was winning.  I got it down to where if a call to one subroutine was 
commented out, it worked; but if the subroutine was called, the return 
would fail when it reached the sendRedirect() back in the servlet.  Then 
I noticed that SOMETIMES a call to the subroutine would not fail. [sigh...]

The subroutine in question does database access with no sendRedirect() 
or any other "funny business."  Right now, I'm trying to further 
characterize the problem. 

I may still take you up on your offer of help (and thank you, by the 
way), but I need to do some work first.


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