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From Mark Woon <>
Subject Logging and Tomcat 5.0.16
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 03:09:46 GMT
Hi all,

I apologize in advance for starting another logging thread, but I have 
some questions that no amount of googling and archive surfing can seem 
to answer:

1) Is there a good reason why the script that comes bundled 
with Tomcat 5.0.16 adds commons-logging-api.jar to the CLASSPATH?  As 
far as I can tell, it's the only script that uses it.

2) Is there a recommended way to control what gets spewed into 
catalina.out?  The fact that all the messages I'm getting have an INFO 
tag would indicate that this should be possible. 

So far, the best I can come up with is to add commons-logging.jar and 
log4j.jar into /server/libs and adding in a in 
/server/classes.  This way I can still (theoretically) use 
commons-logging/log4j in my webapps' WEB-INF/lib without having to deal 
with classloader problems.

I say theoretically because when I reload my webapp, log4j complains 
that it cannot find any appenders, so there's still something screwy 
going on that I haven't figure out yet.

The other problem I have with this approach is that it seems to 
completely ignore the parameters in server.xml that purport to control 
the Logger's verbosity.

3) In any case, why doesn't Tomcat just come with commons-logging.jar 
and log4j.jar bundled in /server/libs?

4) Is there a FAQ or HOWTO on recommended approaches to handling logging 
in Tomcat somewhere?


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