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From Holger de Wall <>
Subject Re: Apache + Tomcat RH Setup
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 07:20:06 GMT
you will see it, after this commandline:
rpm -ev apache-1.3.12-25 mod_ssl-2.6.6-25 mod_perl-1.24-4

> Also, I need to get an apache rpm uninstalled.
> rpm -e apache-1.3.12-25
> error: removing these packages would break dependencies:
>         apache = 1.3.12-25 is needed by  mod_ssl-2.6.6-25
>         webserver is needed by mod_perl-1.24-4
> Are these other packages needed by anything else?

the solution depends on the 'boot concept' of your Linux-Distribution. if you 
have 'insserv', their are helpfull tipps in `man insserv`. You will find 
something about the 'boot concept in `man init.d`

> I have been reading through John's HOWTO to get these operating together
> (with the latest release versions, which I do not think will matter for
> this question...) and noticed that he says to start Tomcat before Apache
> and wait at least 15 seconds.
> I have read similar things from time to time, so I am guessing its pretty
> important.
> If I wanted to set these up to start on the system boot, via the run levels
> (/etc/rc.d/rc3.d etc...) how should I setup those links.
> Such as S84Tomcatd and S85Apached (linked to scripts in /etc/init.d). Would
> that make sure that tomcat is started before apache?
> If I wanted to setup the links in /etc/rc.d/rc6.d would apached have to
> shut down before tomcat?
> If I wanted to restart tomcat, for any reason during system runtime, would
> I have to shut down apache, shut down tomcat, start tomcat, start apache?
> If I wanted to restart apache, what needs to be done?

Holger de Wall
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