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From "Dhruva B. Reddy" <>
Subject RE: OutOfMemoryError with Seemingly Plenty of Memory
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2004 17:52:34 GMT
Hmmm...we don't do hot deploys, but the different generations are
definitely something to look at.


--- Jeff Tulley <> wrote:
> A while back somebody mentioned that if you continuously redeploy a
> web
> application, the symptoms you are mentioning occur.  This is because
> of
> all of the objects that are stored in the "permanent generation"
> memory.
>  This permanent generation runs out of space, even though the new
> generation and old generation heaps still have room to grow.  (The
> permanent generation's size is a fixed percentage of the total
> memory). 
> I do not know if this is something that can or is fixed in the most
> recent builds and latest major version (5) of Tomcat.
> On NetWare, we have a view into the memory where we can see how big
> the
> perm gen is and what percentage of it is allocated.  I do not know if
> such a thing exists on other platforms though.  If it does, I
> certainly
> have not yet found it.
> Searching the archives (at ), it looks
> like it could have something to do with the classloader layout of
> your
> application:
> >Although the possibility of a memory leak (sorry--unintended object
> >retention) has not been completely ruled out (yes, I'm running the
> >applications through a profiler), I'm quite puzzled that this
> problem
> >would occur when, by all indications, memory use is nowhere near the
> >limit.
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