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From "Federico" <>
Subject Re: Apache 1.3.29 + mod_jk2 + tomcat 4.1.29: cannot get SSL to work via Apache
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 00:30:27 GMT

  nevermind this. we found what the problems was. for the records, when you
add the connector via the admin interface, it uses the Http11Protocol rather
than the JkCoyoteHandler, which was what we needed.


---------- Original Message -----------
> [..]
>   we've at work 2 different 1.3.29 apache daemons to handle regular 
> and ssl connection, both are working against a single tomcat 4.1.29, 
> using mod_jk2 in both cases.  the first daemon works just fine and 
> the connection if forwarded to tomcat's 8009 port as we've 
> configured it.  we've also the ssl part for tomcat configured and 
> working properly; the pages are displayed when we direct our 
> browsers to https://ip-address:8443/, but we cannot get the ssl 
> apache to handle the connection on behalf of tomcat's 8443 port. 
>  we're pretty sure it's something related to,
>  but so far we're unable to find the problem.  for every request,
>  jk2.log shows:
> [..]

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