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From Jason Wilson <>
Subject IIS + Tomcat 5.0 + NT authentication AUTH_USER
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 17:54:20 GMT
I'm using 
  Tomcat 5.0.16
  IIS 5.0

Currently my application is running under IIS +
ColdFusion(Jrun), but will be migrating to a
IIS/Tomcat server.  Since this is an intranet
application on an NT network, where it is a
requirement to have the users not have to implicitly
logon, I am using NT authentication with IIS.  In
other words, for the virtual directory, I have set the
Anonomous access off, and Integrated Windows
Authenticated on. 

In the IIS + ColdFusion setup, my servlet does a 
request.getHeader("AUTH_USER"); and this returns the
domain/userid of the person logged into the client
machine.  Then I can verify the user is allowed to use
the application.  All is well.

However, in the IIS + Tomcat setup,
getHeader("AUTH_USER") is returning null.  I have
tried other header keys and get null also.

Also, I am sure IIS is authenticating the user, since
I cannot get to the application using a browser that
doesn't support the windows authentication.

So, it appears, for some reason, the connector is not
setting the AUTH_USER header when it transfers to the
Tomcat container.

Does anyone know how I can fix this so it does, or if
there is anything I might be doing wrong.

Thanks in advance,

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