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From Norris Shelton <>
Subject Re: TC 4.1.12 on Linux - session swapping
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 15:53:29 GMT
They are being posted to the same JSP.  There are several beans
that are page scope.  Think that is it?

I have a newer part that was written by me that uses request and
session scope beans.  I will have the QA person run her tests
against that part of the project.  I am assuming that this will
be OK.  If so, I will change the page scope beans to be request
scope beans.  Hopefully the problem will go away.

I had noticed on other servers that if you have a request scope
beans and you post back to the same page, you sometimes get back
the same request.  Usually not a problem, because it is yours. 
However, if this happens for page scope, then real bad, because
everyone uses the page.

I will let you know what we find.

--- QM <> wrote:
> : machine 1 will sometimes get the results from query 2.
> Smells like an instance/global variable where there shouldn't
> be one.
> Add that to a subtle race condition and you have the problem
> you've
> outlined.
> Are the queries being posted to the same servlet?
> -QM
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