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From Norris Shelton <>
Subject TC 4.1.12 on Linux - session swapping
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 14:16:55 GMT
We are running TC 4.1.12 on Linux.  We have 8 different websites
that run on tomcat.  Most of them are low volume.

We have encountered the problem where a test engine is executing
multiple requests from multiple machines using multiple user
accounts against a specific webapp.  Sometimes the search
results that come back are the search results for a query that
was supposed to be ran by one of the other machines.

Here is an example.

Machine 1 - user 1 -query 1
Machine 2 - user 2 - query 2

machine 1 will sometimes get the results from query 2.

The session information holds all of the information.  This is
from an internal test against a test server so there is no
firewall, proxy, etc in the way.

I have also been told that this has happened on one of our other
web apps also.  This time it was a production machine and one of
our most used webapps.  

Any ideas?


Norris Shelton
Software Engineer
Sun Certified Java 1.1 Programmer
Appriss, Inc.
ICQ# 26487421
AIM NorrisEShelton
YIM norrisshelton

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