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From QM <>
Subject Re: Have some questions, also possible contract work up for grabs
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2004 01:08:08 GMT

: Is Tomcat able to handle a steady 
: stream of about 200 years efficiently without crashing, being unreliable, 
: etc.. ? I personally don't know the limitations of it as I am fairly new to 
: Java.

Most scalability/stability concerns have more to do with the application
code (e.g. the WAR you run via Tomcat) and the JDK than the container.
Tomcat is sandwiched between the two. Perhaps someone else on the list can
provide some hard numbers re: their average load.

Also, pure statistics dictate that Tomcat itself is more thoroughly tested
than any webapp run through it (assuming Tomcat is used for the webapp's
dev & production). Most likely the bugs have already been discovered,
especially in the 4.1 releases.  Tomcat 4's JSP compiler had a limited
resource leak but that was it.

:What would an ideal server be to handle that type of userbase?  Right now it's 
:running on a 1ghz celeron with I believe 512mb of ram running linux.

Again, depends largely on the app.  There is no way to know this number
unless the code has been profiled and load-tested.



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