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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: MOD_JK2 also Fails aaaggggg@###!!!
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 18:15:25 GMT

This has been discussed on the list before.  While you
can use a vanilla RedHat 9 install, some of the
libraries (apr, apr-util) are not quite where the make
file thinks they should be.

There are several solutions.

1. Build apache 2.0.48 from source.

a) Note that on RedHat, the SSL libraries and includes
are not where the configure file expects.

export LDFLAGS=-L/usr/kerberos/lib

should solve that problem.

b) After building and installing Apache from source,
you then will need to install Tomcat - the binaries
will do fine.

c) Finally, download

d) Uncompress it and extract the tar file.

e) cd to

f) chmod u+x configure

g) Run configure with:

  --with-apxs2=<apache-root-directory>/bin/apxs \
  --with-tomcat41=<tomcat-root-directory> \
  --with-java-home=<java-root-directory> \
  --with-jni \

For example:

./configure --with-apxs2=/home/apache/bin/apxs \
  --with-tomcat41=/home/tomcat \
  --with-java-home=/usr/java \
  --with-jni \

h) Run make

i) The two .so files ( and will be


j) Copy those to files to
<apache-root-directory>/modules with the proper

k) Configure and restart

If you're using the default RedHat 9 installation, you
will probably have to tell configure where to find the
libraries.  Add the following to the ./configure


Please check the syntax by typing

./configure --help

2. If you do not want to approach this from source,
check out for RPMs of mod_jk and
mod_jk2.  I've not used these, so caveat emptor.

Once you get a connector built and installed, there
are several good resources for getting Apache and
Tomcat configured.

just my two cents . . . .

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