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From QM <>
Subject Re: Weird Occurance
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 16:08:27 GMT
: Should cookies be enabled or not? I didn't do anything
: in the application.

Containers use cookies to track sessions, with URL rewriting (keeping
the session ID in the URL) as a fallback.  I don't recall the exact
configuration directive but there's a way to force Tomcat to use cookies
only, so maybe that hit you. If you didn't set up tomcat yourself, I'd
talk to your sysadmin crew to see whether their default settings are a
little tight.

Again, it's a long shot... but your description hinted at session loss.
Since you ruled out session timeouts, cookies are the next logical step. 

The plus side here is that the app works in one place, not in another,
so you can use the differences between the two environments to narrow
the scope of your problem analysis.



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