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From "Nikola Milutinovic" <>
Subject A bit OT: Problems running JBoss on 1.3.0 JDK
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 07:14:40 GMT
Hi all.

I know this Tomcat ML, but some messages that cropped up during last day, gave me hope you
guys could give me the right direction. Besides, some of you are on JBoss team (Remy)...

JBoss 3.2.3
Java SDK 1.3.0-1 Compaq
Tru64 UNIX 4.0D
DEC AlphaStation 200 128 MB RAM

When I try to run JBoss, it fails with:

12:06:49,683 DEBUG [MainDeployer] Watching new file: file:/usr/users/root/work/jboss/jboss-3.2.3/server/tomcat5/conf/jboss-service.xml

12:06:49,714 ERROR [MainDeployer] Could not initialise deloyment: file:/usr/users/root/work/jboss/jboss-3.2.3/server/tomcat5/conf/jboss-service.xml

java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org/jboss/deployment/SubDeployerSupport.accepts
at org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployer.findDeployer(, Compiled Code)

When I zip the whole JBoss and carry it over to my PC, Window NT, JDK 1.4.0 it works like
a charm.

I suspect there is some package missing. Right now, I cannot see JAAS, which bugged one poster
here. Is there anything else you could think of?

Thank you for your time. I apologize again for OT posting, but JBoss forum ain't the quickest.
And just for the record, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for me to change JDK
version on Tru64 UNIX, since it too must be upgraded and we are way behind schedule on upgrades
(not my fault, I would gladly hang those responsible).

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