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From "Howard Watson" <>
Subject getRemoteUser null
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2003 19:03:49 GMT
Following are copies of two posts by me from the Novell Apache forum at,D@NONE/@article@1265

By referencing a JSP as the default page to load by referencing it in DirectoryIndex in Apache2
and not including the filename in the request URL I can successfully retrieve getRemoteUser.
However, if I include the JSP name in the request getRemoteUser returns null. Although, this
works for JSP it doesn't help with servlets.

http://webAddr:port/aliasName/SecurePage.jsp -- getRemoteUser returns null

Made this change, I had DirectoryIndex rem'ed out.
DirectoryIndex SecurePage.jsp

http://webAddr:port/aliasName/ -- user name as advertised

Even after authenticating if I link back and forth between the link including the filename
and the one using the default the the one using the filename will return null.

Couldn't think of a way to apply DirectoryIndex to servlet/userLogin. So I applied it to MainMenu.jsp,
redirected from servlet/userLogin. MainMenu.jsp then saves it in the session.

If anyone sees anything here that hints that I have maybe misconfigured something I'd like
to know about it. 

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