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From "Howard Watson" <>
Subject RE: Endless Loop: Deploying discovered web applications
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2003 18:36:47 GMT
While I was writing the following I changed reloadable to "false" in the context and the problem
went away. I'll post this message anyway, someone else may find this info useful. In this
case just kicking the problem around with others was what was needed. Thanks for the replies.
I have one more issue to post and then maybe I can help someone else.

I changed the Loader Properties/Check Interval in the Admin tool  to 300 saved it (couldn't
find where) reset the server, restarted tomcat and it had changed back to 15. 

In the meantime I found this

and this

this in web.xml for the Tomcat Server
<!-- The JSP page compiler and execution servlet, which is the mechanism  -->
  <!-- used by Tomcat to support JSP pages.  Traditionally, this servlet    -->
  <!-- is mapped to URL patterh "*.jsp".  This servlet supports the         -->
  <!-- following initialization parameters (default values are in square    -->
  <!-- brackets):                                                           -->
  <!--                                                                      -->
  <!--   checkInterval       If development is false and reloading is true, -->
  <!--                       background compiles are enabled. checkInterval -->
  <!--                       is the time in seconds between checks to see   -->
  <!--                       if a JSP page needs to be recompiled. [300]    -->

and I remember somewhere in the documentation a discussion of changes to Tomcat between development
and production environments, and the defaults.

So, maybe everything is working exactly as it is configured, or something is causing Tomcat
to think that JSPs have been modified. 

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