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From Jeff Barrett <>
Subject what *really* happens when you reload or stop/start a webapp?
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2003 22:59:24 GMT
I've got a web services application that I'm running w/ axis in Tomcat. 
According to the howtos for the manager stopping or reloading a webapp 
will make it unavailable and it will search for new files to load, 
specifically mentioning .class and .jar files.  But does it go further?

A more specific question:  If I
1) had a jar in my webapp that had a class with a static field
2) set that static field to some value via interacting with my webapp
3) did a stop/start or reload

would everything get dumped and reset -- would that static variable go 
back to it's original state when the class file is first loaded?

I should probably be asking a more specific question about classloaders 
and sandboxes and whatnot, but I'm not sure how this stuff works in 
tomcat and I'm not familiar w/ classloaders beyond their basic operation.


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