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From "Sean Dockery" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat performance on Windows versus Linux
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 16:50:08 GMT
"David Rees" <> wrote in message

> Not enough difference to make it a deciding factor between the two
> platforms.  IMO, Tim's criteria are spot on when deciding what platform to
> deploy on.  Personally, I prefer Unix as I find it easier to setup and
> administer.  Of course, the majority of my experience with Tomcat is on
> Unix, and not on Windows.

That's fine.  I never disagreed with Tim's reasons to choose one platform
over another.  But, as I have already responded, I am not choosing a
platform on which to deploy my application; so, arguments as to which
platform is better are moot.

> If you haven't looked already, have a look at the Volano benchmarks
> (google for it) for some numbers on the scalability and performance of
> different JVM, but note that those numbers won't necessarily reflect the
> performance of YOUR application running on Tomcat.

Thanks for this tidbit.  It is still very early in the process, but
scalability of JVMs is definitely of interest to me.

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