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From "Sean Dockery" <>
Subject Tomcat performance on Windows versus Linux
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2003 08:48:49 GMT
I am planning to profile a web application on Windows XP (my development
platform).  I am curious as to whether or not different components in Tomcat
and the JVM will behave differently (in a relative comparison) on Linux
(production platform) than Windows.

For example, I have had a person tell me that threads under Linux are more
performant than threads under Windows--leading to the corollary that web
applications under Linux are more performant than web applications under
Windows on the same hardware.  My guess is that this claim is based upon the
supposition that thread/context switches under Linux are faster than under
Windows.  I find the claim rather dubious because I've never seen data to
support the claim, but doubt is not certainty.

Is there any evidence that this claim and other component performance
differences between the Windows and Linux platform exist and are significant
enough to throw my performance measurements out the "window".  :-)

My concern is that I'll profile the application under Windows and tune it,
but then find that my gains aren't as significant or maybe even worthless
under Linux.

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