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From "Antony Paul" <>
Subject [OT] Writing methods in servlets
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 06:12:45 GMT
Hi all,
    Is there any issues associated with writing methods in servlets other
than the morality of it( I dont use methods in JSP pages). My application
uses controller servlets for redirecting requests to different pages based
on the parameter(action) passed to it. Application is designed in a way that
it will have one controller servlet for a group of actions on same entity.
Earlier I used to check the action in if else blocks. Now the servlet is
becoming cluttered with lots of if else blocks. So I want to move this to
methods and I must do it in Servlets itself (The application design dont
allow to move this to another class). I know that container creates multiple
threads of servlce method of (I dont know how) same servlet to service
multiple requests. Then what about other custom methods in servlets.  I dont
use any instance variables.

Antony Paul.

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