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From Krause Karin <>
Subject Urgent: referencing external jar files from a jar in WEB-INF/lib
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 17:00:05 GMT
I just posted a very similar question some time ago, but got no answer until now.
I use Tomcat 4.1.27.
My question was, if Tomcat ClassLoaders can evaluate  the CLASS-PATH attribute set in the
manifest of a jar file, to reference external jar files.
In the meantime I saw that the common class loader (and also server and shared)
can interprete the CLASS-PATH variable of the Manifest file of a jar file.
Unfortunately it seems not to work if I put a jar file, that references an external jar file
by means of the CLASS-PATH
variable in the Manifest, in the WEB-INF/lib of my WAR file.
Should this be possible, or not ? Are there any other methods (do I use the wrong one)? As
I understood the servlet spec 2.3
chapter 9.7.1 it should be possible by means of the CLASS-PATH attribute:
Snippet from the servlet spec 2.3 chapter 9.7.1
	"WebContainers should be able to recognize declared dependencies expressed
	in the manifest entry of any of the library JARs under the WEB-INF/lib entry in a WAR"
So the question is very urgent to me. Please help me.
Cheers Karin

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