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From "Ralph Einfeldt" <>
Subject RE: Why JBoss (and Tomcat)?
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 09:29:20 GMT
You are mixing several differrent things:

- J2EE is a spec that consists of several technologies.
  Most of these technologies can stand for them selves
  and be used without the others. (Some of them are 
  related or even dependend to some extend)

- JBOSS is an implementation of that spec.
  It doesn't implement all technologies from scratch but
  integrates other projects to implement some of them.
  (Like tomcat to implement Servlets and JSP, or use 
  JavaMail and JDBC from sun)

- Sun has a reference implementation for J2EE
  This implementation is just intended as reference and
  to give developer something to work with, it is not 
  intended as a production environment (I'm not shure 
  if the license would even allow the use in a 
  production environment)

Depending on which technologies you need, JBoss may be 
overkill or not. Per definition it can't provide more 
than the reference implementation of sun without leaving 
the spec. (Each additional feature hasn't anything to do
with J2EE)

In detail it can make quite a difference in the ease of 
development (integration with non J2EE tools like ant, 
xdoclet,AOP) and ease of use/administration)

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> From: Michael Coughlan []
> Sent: Monday, December 22, 2003 2:30 AM
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: RE: Why JBoss (and Tomcat)?
> Thanks again for the reply, Tim. As you can tell, I am a 
> little confused
> although it's becoming somewhat more clear.
> > J2EE includes JMS, EJB, and a bunch of other acronyms.
> > should
> > have a whitepaper about j2ee and everything it can do.
> I think I can imagine that whitepaper. This might be the source of my
> confusion:
> I was under the impression that JMS, EJBs, etc. were supplied 
> by the J2EE
> SDK. If so, what does JBoss give me on top of that SDK?
> Let's take JMS as an example:
> I remember compiling and running Java Messenger Service code 
> examples as
> stand alone Java programs (without JBoss). I just assumed 
> that I was able
> and expected to write servlets to make use of the robust JMS 
> Development
> Kit.
> Was I wrong?
> If not, then what exactly would JBoss offer on top of the J2EE SDK and
> Tomcat?
> Does JBoss (WebShere, BEA Weblogic) offer some kind of JMS 
> Servlet libraries
> on top of the already robust J2EE sdk? Do they simply give 
> persistence? I
> can't seem to find a direct answer to that question.
> > There is an apache project called Geronimo but it is in its
> > infancy (i think).
> I can imagine that the existence of JBoss would steal some of 
> Geronimo's
> thunder despite the cool project name.
> Thanks again and best regards,
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