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From "Inandjo Taurel" <>
Subject migrating from TDK2.1 to tomcat 4.1.29
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 12:54:42 GMT

i wanted to get an app developped under TDK2.1 to run under tomcat 4.0( 
running as a service!).
I couldn't find tomcat 4.0 so i had to get 4.1.29, installed it then tryed 
to copy everything from
tdk2.1\webapps\myapp_name\WEB-INF\ to tomcat4.1.29\webapps\myapp_name.
It didn't work, because of the screens that were not placed in the proper 
Now i would like to know where i have to copy the screens that can be found 
tdk2.1\webapps\myapp_nametemplates\app in the newly installed tomcat??

My second question relates to the actual webserver running under the TDK.
When i installed the TDK bundle, there was a webserver listning on port If i 
got it right, i can use the TDK as a webserver itself, i wouldn't need to 
installed a third party webs8080, so i understood that i wouldn't need 
another webserver. Pease correct me if am wrong or confused on this issue

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