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From John Noble <>
Subject Tomcat 5 DefaultContext allowLinking and context restarts
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 17:54:52 GMT
I'm playing a bit with tomcat 5 and have questions about how the
allowLinking attribute for the DefautlContext is supposed to work in regards
to context restarts / stops/starts.

Under several of my contexts, I have a symbolic link to a directory outside
of the context.
in server.xml I setup the DefaultContext like this:
<DefaultContext allowLinking="true"/>
This is great because it now allows the symbolic links in all my contexts to
work without having to turn on allowLinking for each context explicitly.

The problem I have is if I use the tomcat manager app to stop and then start
a context, my symbolic links no longer work. (tomcat won't follow the
symbolic link when access from a URL)

So is this behavior by design?  Maybe I need to do some additional config in
my contexts?
any ideas?

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