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From Jeremy Barth <>
Subject RE: mod_jk2/2.0.2 failure in Tomcat 5.0.16 / Apache 2.0.48
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 20:57:56 GMT
At 01:33 PM 12/23/2003 -0700, Wendell Holmes wrote:
>If jkstatus works, then Apache is working with Tomcat, no?
>IIRC, the actual path to the jsp-examples is /webapps/examples/jsp-examples,
>so your uri mapping should be [uri:/examples/jsp-examples/*] I think.  
>You should have an Apache error log that says 'file does not exist' where
>you tried to access /jsp-examples, since Apache nor jk2 would have a path to
>that dir.

I don't know about Tomcat 4, but in Tomcat 5 there is no "examples"
webapp.  In the webapps dir for Tomcat 5 you've got:


Also, "jsp-examples" does work when executed directly from port 8080, so
I don't think the pathline to the webapp itself is incorrect:

  http://servername:8080/jsp-examples Works -- talk directly to Tomcat
  http://servername/jsp-examples      FAILS -- via JK2 connector

I've tried the same setup (mod_jk2/tomcat5.0.16/apache2.0.48) in both
Unix and Windows with the same result, so whatever mistake I'm making,
it's consistent.  If anyone else has gotten the examples to work, I'd
be interested in how you did it. 

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