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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: deployment quirk in Tomcat5. Bug?
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 01:08:10 GMT
At 12:02 AM 12/3/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Jacob Kjome wrote:
>>When deploying war files in Tomcat-5.0.16, I noticed something a little 
>>After using the ant manager deploy task and then doing an undeploy, 
>>manually dropping the war file into CATALINA_HOME/webapps trigger 
>>For example, say I have "myapp.war".  I just drop this into Tomcat5's 
>>webapps directory and it deploys the app as expected.  I can do an 
>>undeploy via the html manager interface and it undeploys as expected.  I 
>>can repeat this ad-
>>infinitum and everything works fine.
>>Now, I deploy "myapp.war" via the ant manager deploy task and it deploys 
>>as expected.  Then I undeploy it with the html manager interface.  Now I 
>>try dropping the war file manually into webapps as explained above.  This 
>>time, the war does not deploy.  If I restart Tomcat5, manual deployment 
>>works fine again...until after the first time I use the ant manager 
>>deploy task, of course.
>>I can't imagine this is "expected behavior".  Well, at least I didn't 
>>expect it.  Can anyone else confirm what exactly "expected behavior" is 
>>before I report a bug on this?
>Don't bother: there's no use case for this, other than giving me a headache.

Which is why I posted the question here, Remy.  Seriously, take it easy.

>I don't find auto deploy very useful anyway, given that Tomcat doesn't 
>have a fancy deployer like JBoss. It works much better when used in its 
>simple scenario (you want to deploy or update a WAR) rather than more 
>complex stuff, when you should really use the manager.
>For non development stuff, forget about the auto deployer, and use 
>exclusively the manager.

me too.

>BTW, for updating a WAR with the auto deployer, you don't need to undeploy 
>first with the manager, and then copy the WAR over again: simply overwrite 
>the WAR and the webapp will be undeployed and then redeployed.

Thanks for the info.


>Rémy Maucherat
>Senior Developer & Consultant
>JBoss Group (Europe) SàRL
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