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From Jerry Ford <>
Subject Re: admin app is forbidden
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2003 22:05:45 GMT
Yes, both admin and manager roles are defined in tomcat-users.xml. 

The manager app uses the same auth mechanism, doesn't it?  But manager 
works, and admin doesn't.


Volkm@r wrote:

> Jerry Ford wrote:
>> I have Tomcat 4.1.27 running with Apache 1.3.27, using mod_jk, on a 
>> Linux box (Red Hat 9.0, but custom-installed Apache and Tomcat in 
>> /usr/local).
>> I am able to run Tomcat's example servlets, as well as my own custom 
>> servlets (installed as a webapp), and the Manager webapp, but when I 
>> try to view the Admin app, I get a  "403 - resource has been 
>> forbidden" message.
>> http://localhost/manager works fine, login screen is displayed, I log 
>> in and the app runs, but http://localhost/admin is forbidden to me.  
>> I cannot find anything in the configs that would allow one but 
>> prohibit the other.  The Manager app shows /admin as running, and so 
>> do the logs.  I just can't get to it.
>> Can anyone tell me why I can't even get to the login screen before 
>> the admin app rejects my attempt?
>> Thanks.
>> Jerry
> Did you already insert following lines into your 
> $CatalinaHome/conf/tomcat-users.xml?
> <role rolename="admin"/>
> <user username="somebody" password="tomcat" roles="admin"/>

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